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Greensource Flora located at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. We sell flowers and gifts and provide free delivery service for all your flowers and gifts. So why wait? Cherish your love ones and tell him/her you care. Because in Greensource Flora, flowers bring happiness. Call us now at +603 - 9133 4876 or order online!

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Horoscope Bouquet
HR001 - The Devoted Capricorn

Once Capricorns determine their devotions in life, they hardly steer away from hard work, and will surely achieve success. Just as success will smell sweet, this affectionate Earth sign will relish the ambrosial perfumes of these brilliant roses and imported calla lilies.

HR001 - Capricorn
Online Florist Malaysia RM495.00 


HR002 - The Inventive Aquarian (20 Jan - 18 Feb)

Freedom-loving, creative and compassionate, Aquarians will love this original bouquet that reflects their inventive personality. Purist whites, and calming blues agree with one another, just like how this Air sign is in every part fixed, fluid, and radical. 12 white roses and 2 stalks of hydrangea.

HR002 - Aquarius
Online Florist Malaysia RM420.00 


HR003 - The Intuitive Piscean (19 Feb - 20 Mar)

The selfless Piscean feels so much of the world and those around them that they voyage between reality and a dream state to keep their wellmeaning souls intact. This heavenly bouquet of purple roses and Africa flowers may just be the portal to that quinessential dreamscape.

HR003 - Pisces
Online Florist Malaysia RM390.00 


HR004 - The Charismatic Arian (21 Mar - 19 Apr)

Arians are inquisitive about life, and they bring this energy into their explorations and adventures. Their extrovert nature and inborn magnetism draw them to this charismatic bouquet, as they celebrate the dawning of each day and the possibilities it brings. 12 roses, 1 stalk of imported pink cymbidium and small pink rose.

HR004 - Aries
Online Florist Malaysia RM675.00 


HR005 - The Taurean Sensualist (20 Apr - 21 May)

The sensual Taurean appreciates the good life in all its guises and would most certainly bear favor on this impressive bouquet full of textures. Their need for stability and simplicity amidst it all attests to the astute use of these understated green carnations and enduring pink roses (12).

HR005 - Taurus
Online Florist Malaysia RM375.00 


HR006 - Youthful Gemini (22 May - 20 June)

The eternally youthful Gemini would love the bright cheery colors in this bouquet of yellow roses and two-toned orange gerberas. Much like their fun, sharp-witted character, this eclectic mix of blooms lives up to interesting chatter with its sweet entanglement of vivid hues and exotic varieties.

HR006 - Gemini
Online Florist Malaysia RM420.00 


HR007 - Cancerian Symphony (21 June - 22 July)

"Home Sweet Home" reigns high in the list of priorities for the Cancerian, who values family and home comforts. Maternal and sensitive, they uphold a harmonious home with much zest. A tribute to their nurturing nature, this bouquet is a symphony of sweet floras in equally melodious colors. 12 white roses, 1 stalk of imported cymbidium and green button.

HR007 - Cancer
Online Florist Malaysia RM480.00 


HR008 - Shine, Leo! (23 July - 22 August)

As Leo blazes through life with relentless intent and warmth, it is hardly surprising that they are getting all the attention! Like a flower to the sun, people flock to join them in the limelight. And only this supreme bouquet of sunflowers(3), gerberas(6), Africa flowers and red berries is befitting of a Leo's brilliance.

HR008 - Leo Horoscope Bouquet
Online Florist Malaysia RM375.00 


HR009 - Virgo's Perfection (23 August - 22 September)

A Virgo loves attention to details. Things must complement each other for the greater good. This bouquet in compatible hues of purple embodies the Virgo's take on perfection while the white lilies and purple matthiolas within satisfy their discerning eye.

HR009 - Virgo
Online Florist Malaysia RM450.00 


HR010 - The Charming Libran (23 Sep - 22 Oct)

Charming by nature, and peace-loving, it is hard not to be attracted to Librans, who congenially intrigue us with their boundless energy. In return for their charm, bestow this lovely bouquet that epitomize their enjoyment of all things beautiful. 6 cymbidiums, 6 imported red roses, 6 imported white roses and small pink roses.

HR010 - Libra
Online Florist Malaysia RM675.00 


HR011 - The Enigmatic Scorpio (23 Oct - 21 Nov)

Fearless and passionate, Scorpios possess an unrelentless determination that gets the job done. Reflecting that intense temperament, and their enigmatic beauty, this bouquet of scarlet and fuchsia roses, wrapped in their favorite black, is bound to lure them into raptures. 12 imported red roses, carnation sprays and red berries.

HR011 - Scorpio
Online Florist Malaysia RM480.00 


HR012 - Adventurous Sagittarius (22 Nov- 21 Dec)

The truth-seeking Sagittarian will always be on a quest to grasp the meaning of life. This brings adventures as they explore their world and mix things up a little for inspiration. This grand bouquet of purple roses(12), two tones blue eustomas and purple liatris sticks is the perfect concoction for that divine spark.

HR012 - Sagittarius
Online Florist Malaysia RM495.00 


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